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"I had a problem with my social life. I thought that I wasn't social during the exam period. After doing a session with Stefan and integrating an aspect of me which wasn't integrated, I started seeing a lot more people in my life in a couple of days and it was the same way since then."
"After doing PEAT and integrating my own primordial polarities I really felt like I have finally let go of the burden I was carrying with me for so long. It really had an impact on my day-to-day life as well, allowing me to 'react' less and 'respond' more."
Katherine L. on PEAT

Escaping The Egregore (Early Life)

Our early lives are mostly unconscious, so there’s really not much to say about it. I was a great student, always a nerd. I did music, sang, danced, was very good at math, but I also remember always being anxious, full of doubt, nervous and in my head. 

Jumping The Paradigms

From dating/pickup, across meditation, enlightenment, towards esotery, energy work, transurfing and more, I’ve come a long way. My mind has switched paradigms more times than I can count. I’ve read a lot, done a lot, changed a lot, met lots of new people and helped many. Since I realized that I can use knowledge I acquired to help others I started to give back and help others…

Giving Back

Since realizing that giving back is my next step/phase, I’ve started my youtube channel, where I share my newest ideas and insights.
Also I’m doing coaching where I teach & guide trauma release (Mainly via PEAT processing), energy work, reality shifting and cold approaching/pickup. (More on that below)

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My COLD APPROACH methodology

Frictionless Cold Approach is my method of healing social anxiety and learning to approach girls aka cold approaching.

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