The Millennial Sennin


The Millennial Sennin

About Me

Weird fact: I am fascinated by math and logic as much as art, music, dancing, yoga etc… (weird, I know…).

It’s hard to talk about myself, because 5 years ago, outside manifestation of my inner core was much different than what it is today. And what it is today is much different than what it will be in the next 5 years, since I’m always unlearning, learning and growing in that process.
That being said, my core values remain consistent: Truth, Freedom(Including Freedom of Thought and Speech), Rational Non-Toxic Thinking, Quality Music, Healthy Body, Mind & Food, Growth, Gratitude, Service, Deep Talks & Discussions etc…
I pride myself, for a lack of a better term, on being a student of the mind, communication, energy, alchemy and beauty.

About Millennial Sennin

Weird fact #2: I’m secretly an alien from the planet Gazorpazorp (I didn’t really like the place so I left…).

It happened two years ago. I was sitting in a smelly, old bus, coming back from a awesome night of partying, thinking about the night. It was a cold and rainy night, but I felt good. Next to the bus doors was this gay guy with his girl-friend, talking in a feminized way about some, to him, very interesting topic. Across from me, there were these two, I would say, 17 year old guys reacting to the presence of a gay guy who was with a girl.
In that instant I saw a lot of ‘bad’ things in them, I saw lack of consciousness, lack of understanding, rage, pain, aloneness, perplexity. I saw, even though it was subtle, them being jealous because the gay guy was free in ways they were not, because he was himself more than they ever were, because he had a girl next to him and they were alone…
That hit me really hard, and I recognized parts of my old self in them. I knew if it wasn’t for my┬áconscientiousness, awareness and some core values I had from since I was a kid, I could’ve ended up like them easily, or worse.
That’s where I got the idea that I should do something to help people raise their awareness, learn about energy, realise abundance, become truth-realised, aware of the oneness that is.
So basically Millennial Sennin is the manifestation of that idea many years, books, mentors, experiences later.

Millennial – Because primarily I want to share with millennials and younger/future generations.

Sennin – Because I’m a nerd who loves watching anime also. When a good friend of mine called me ‘Sage’, I got an idea to use the word Sennin as part of my brand, because Sennin means Sage in Japanese. #smartass

*Artwork that you see in this website was all made by chibionpu, who gave me permission to use his artwork on my website and I love him for that. Make sure to check out his concept art, it’s magical. And tell him I’ve sent you. Check him out on deviantart ‘chibionpu’.*

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