Individual Coaching & Consulting | 1200$+

Plan & program shaped for you and your individual case, focus is on the specific results that you want to achieve and specific obstacles that you are currently running into.

Frictionless Cold Approach Method | 597$

A tested 9-step program that lasts 6 weeks in which we will focus on deep reprogramming of your inner game, shifting your reality into a better one, slowly desensitizing you to your fears while simultaneously shifting & cementing your inner game and also we will focus on you learning the basics (And probably even intermediate, depending on the student) skills of cold approaching people/girls and getting the desired result (Sex, girlfriend or maybe just a business connection). This one is great for people who already know that this is the problem they want to fix and after this you will be getting knowledge of many spiritual/game/sales methods that would otherwise cost you 600-1200$+ which you can use for all of your other goals, you are guaranteed to have your social skills improved greatly and also to be able to live in the abundance of girls and connections/friends.

Practical Transurfing & Shifting Your Reality | 197$

This is actually the first part we cover in the Frictionless CA Method but it can be used for any desired reality/goal you want, and it’s really powerful, that’s why I’m also including it as a separate service. We will work on polishing the ideal vision you have for your goal achievment and making it as attractive to your being as possible, also we will remove your inner blockages connected to your goal making it easier for you to move towards it and at the end we will cover many practical secrets from the Transurfing and other LOA (Law of Attraction) Methods that will initiate the reality shift where your goal will start moving towards you as well. Really powerful knowledge, I wish someone had offered me this service years ago. That’s why I created it for other people.

PEAT Processing | 197$

PEAT is a spiritual technology method developed by Zivorad M. Slavinski, psychologist and esoteric. This spiritual technology is literally one of the most powerful methods in the world today for removing emotional trauma and integrating your polarities. If you don’t know what polarities are and you want to learn more about them and PEAT method, I have a detailed blog post on where you can understand it better. What you’ll get is a removal of a emotional problem which will probably result in the change of your outer reality as well (More money, better relationships etc…) and also we will integrate your Primordial Polarities which will give you much more understanding of yourself, your life and also make it easier to live. This is all done in one 45min session, sometimes (Rarely) problem takes 2 sessions to be fixed completely, either way price is the same since it’s per problem fixed.

Evolved Human Mastermind | 30$/month

Access to a private FB group where I will be sharing 2x/month my knowledge & insights on manipulating your energy, transmuting your sexual energy, using your energy to make friends, to get girls, to get to your goals. Also newest insights into social dynamics, marketing, art, esoteric knowledge, game techniques, productivity hacks, time management etc…

Frictionless Cold Approach Method Book | In the making

All the info you need to fix your “Approach Anxiety”/Social Fears learn basic social skills and use them to shif yourself into a completely new life where you can enjoy abundance of social connections (Girls, Friends etc…)

Free Consultations

Book your free consultations and we will discuss your problems, wants and needs and determine how I can serve you.


"I had a problem with my social life. I thought that I wasn't social during the exam period. After doing a session with Stefan and integrating an aspect of me which wasn't integrated, I started seeing a lot more people in my life in a couple of days and it was the same way since then."
"After doing PEAT and integrating my own primordial polarities I really felt like I have finally let go of the burden I was carrying with me for so long. It really had an impact on my day-to-day life as well, allowing me to 'react' less and 'respond' more."
Olja L. on PEAT